Tofu vs. Sprouted Tofu: and the winner is?

Tofu versus Sprouted Tofu… wait… there is a difference?

Background info: Tofu is made from whole soybeans, while sprouted tofu is made from sprouted soybeans. So what is the deal?

Sprouted tofu is more nutritious and easier to digest. It contains more calcium, iron, and protein compared to regular tofu. It is slightly higher in fat, but it is the very healthy kind (omega-3)!
On a side note, soy in general is good for you and you should incorporate it into your diet. I LOVE tofu. I sometimes cut it up into cubes and eat it raw (insert blushing emoji here). Soy helps to lower your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol (LDL/bad kind). My favorite sprouted tofu:


It is delicious. Speaking of soy, I just got a craving for my favorite soy yogurt and I am going to go eat it now. YUM.

ImageBy the way, the winner is sprouted tofu, if you didn’t catch that.

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